Sunday, 6/23/2024
at 5:00 PM

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In a world full of injustice and oppression, young Robin lives. With his extraordinary ability in handling arrows and bows, he saves the poor girl Alana from the hands of the Sheriff's soldiers. But that is just the beginning of an incredible story. When Robin meets Little John, they join forces and soon Marian also joins them. Robin feels a special connection to her, as if they had met before. Together, they decide to make the forest their home and stand up for the poor. But the Sheriff of Nottingham does not leave Robin and his companions alone, and he does everything in his power to destroy them. However, Robin and his companions are not easily intimidated. With cunning and courage, they manage to make a statement for justice and freedom. Experience the captivating play "Robin Hood" with the whole family - full of adventure, friendship, and the belief in a better world. Join us as Robin Hood and his companions capture the hearts of the audience and bring a story of courage and justice to life.

Doors open: 4:30 PM

sold out

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