Thursday, 12/12/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Dinner for One, a must-watch on television for many over the years during the turn of the year. The original English version inspired the cabaret artist Da Bobbe to create his own Bavarian version in 2016. Originally intended as a one-time thing, it was performed again in 2017. Both events were completely sold out, leading to a state-wide tour being offered for 2018.

In this performance, he plays the house servant "Bobbe." As the second character and the birthday celebrant, a Bavarian staple appears: the cabaret artist and YouTuber "Addnfahrer."
Both comically show how a 90th birthday is celebrated in Bavaria. The 4 deceased and imaginary guests all come from Bavaria and are well known to everyone. Some of them include Franz Josef Strauss or Meister Eder. The beverages served are Goaßmass’n or Rüscherl, and the food is extremely Bavarian with Giggerl and Co. There is snuffing and hearty Bavarian banter. In contrast to the original, this birthday celebration lasts much longer than 15 minutes, and the special touch of the play comes from the fact that the two cabaret artists perform everything with REAL drinks, ensuring a unique experience! The audience is also involved, and they are welcome to try a sip. Furthermore, the viewers can suggest appropriate persons or sayings, and the two artists will demonstrate their wit by trying to incorporate them into their play.

Prior to the main performance, the two artists showcase excerpts from their stage programs, as well as a new piece as a taste of their future projects…

Doors open: 7:00 PM

Event data provided by: Reservix

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Da Bobbe & Addnfahrer - Dinner for One auf Bayrisch
Da Bobbe & Addnfahrer - Dinner for One auf Bayrisch