Friday, 12/13/2024
at 8:00 PM

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with: Jens Heinrich Claassen, Henning Schmidtke, and Hans-Hermann Thielke

The artist, award-winning presenter, and magician Marcel Kösling has met and appreciated numerous artists during his more than 15 years on stage, three of whom he has invited back to Bielefeld.

Time heals all wounds. That's what they say. And it's nonsense. At least Jens Heinrich Claassen thinks that's complete nonsense. The likable comedian is now in his mid-forties, time is slowly but surely running out on him. He is still single, living with his mother again, and his best friends are still his stuffed animals. When Jens Heinrich's heart is broken again and his mother has a new boyfriend at the same moment, that's the last straw for him. Something has to change. And immediately!

Experience together with your ego Henning Schmidtke! Do you buy milk from pasture-raised cows, even if it's much more expensive? Do you sometimes share your parking space with a Smart car? Then you're an altruist. And that's good too. Too many people say: "If everyone thinks of themselves, everyone is taken care of." But if everyone thinks of someone else, too! And yet: more and more people are becoming masters of egoism. Have you ever wondered who your ego really is? You both should get to know each other better.

The whole world seems to be falling apart at the moment. There is always something changing and shifting constantly. Hans-Hermann Thielke, retired postal worker, sits in his fortress - a 2 ¾ row house on the outskirts of a small town and thinks: Will my job soon be taken over by a hardworking robot? Do I have to set up an interim storage for my plastic bag collection at home to help relieve the world's oceans? What do I do with my old thermal pants as it gets warmer due to climate change?

Admittance: 7:30 PM

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