Saturday, 6/22/2024
at 7:00 PM

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Energetic, groovy sound and pure joy of playing are the ingredients that FATCAT brings to the table. Just like with their earworm "I feel good," Kenny Joyner's unmistakable voice drips like honey into the ears of an audience sentenced to constant grinning and insatiable dance desire.
As a support act alongside artists such as Chaka Khan, Jamie Cullum, Anastacia, or La Brass Banda, and as headliners at festivals across Europe, FATCAT has accumulated rich live experience through over 500 concerts and has thrilled their audience with their captivating performances. FATCAT's performance at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival in 2017 even earned the band the release of their own "Live in Montreux" album. Since 2013, in almost unchanged formation, FATCAT has remained true to their funky sound. Their concerts are an irresistibly sweet party melting pot of funk, soul, and disco-pop in a fluid interplay of rhythm and horn section that invites you to sway and dance to ecstatic rhythms.

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