Sunday, 6/23/2024
at 7:00 PM

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Now it's getting exciting again: Which candidates will the jury and audience send to the final? The cabaret evening will be hosted by the charming Paulaner Solo finalist 2019, Florian Wagner. Your vote counts.

Sven Garrecht: The cabaret artist at the piano composes along the lines of the questions of our time: Is this world even still salvageable and do I have to get off the couch for that? What do the heroes of the new generation look like? Am I old enough to want to feel young again? If not now, then when!

Suse Lichtenberger: The actress presents her first cabaret program with WELCOME HOME. "Mediocrity is where we all feel at home" - Frau L. tries to get to the bottom of the micro-processes of everyday life when she invents parenting advice only to not apply it, or optimistically tries to laugh away her own inadequacies.

Lennard Rosar: Stand-Up. Cabaret. Satire. And a touch of prose. The 29-year-old, heavily tattooed man with a full beard doesn't fit into any mold. With satirical stories from everyday life and poetic short stories, the multiple-award-winning comedian playfully and humorously points out current societal problems and provides food for thought for change.

Stefan Schöttler: The former boxer, comedian, and cabaret artist speaks openly about things. His program is filled with irony, exaggerated humor, heart, and intellect. "A Wimp for Breakfast" and why it's important to make decisions early enough!

Doors open at 6:00 PM

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