Saturday, 6/15/2024
at 8:00 PM

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The combination of Bavarian folk and Bavarian chanson - is that even possible? On their debut album "Dahoam," the duo BlankWeinek dares to attempt this balancing act.
They claim to have invented Bavarian chanson. Confidently asserted by BlankWeinek themselves. But what is that supposed to be? Bavarian chanson? Those who think of the French model are mistaken. Although there are a few songs on the album "Dahoam" that definitely head in that direction. The ballad "Aufgwacht," for example, or the gloomy "Die Nacht." "We tell stories," says the musical mastermind Andreas Weinek. "That's what connects us with chanson." Boldly, they also mix in other stylistic elements. Bavarian folk or a touch of country, for example. Even Balkan tones can be found, as in "Ostwind." The songs revolve around love, longing, relationships, such as "Dann kummst Du" or "Gemeinsam." The song "Aufgwachsn am Land" awakens childhood memories. "Irgendwann" and the morbid Viennese "Der letzte Tschick" deal with death. And then there is the eternal theme of home. "We don't want to leave the much-overused term to the wrong people. Those who pervert it for exclusion, even racism. That's what we sing against." This is why the Bavarian "Mia san mia" feeling is thoroughly spoofed. Or the love for Bavarian beer in the song "A Hoibe." However, always with a good dose of irony. Everyone has to discover that for themselves. BlankWeinek doesn't serve anything up on a silver platter. Only their Bavarian chanson. The instrumentation is diverse and matches the variety of stories told. Violin, accordion, and double bass come together with drums, banjo, mandolin, and acoustic guitar. All garnished with harmonica and brass instruments. There it is, the Bavarian chanson. The stories are narrated by actor Harry Blank (known from the successful series "Dahoam is Dahoam" on Bavarian television), finely nuanced, depending on the mood. Guest musicians such as Micha Braun (Haindling) or Marlene Schuen (Ganes) were invited. Flo Rein (Banana Fishbones) is responsible for the production, and Haindling keyboardist Michael "Mufty" Ruff, who also plays live and on record with BlankWeinek, puts his hands on the keys. As a bonus track, there is the eponymous theme song from the successful series "Dahom is Dahoam" in a contemporary country version.
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