Monday, 6/17/2024
at 7:30 PM

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ABBA hallo! TrioLogic brings together the pure sound of acoustic instruments with the synthetic in a unique way for the first time. Do you know those moments when a song starts playing and you either wish everyone would just be quiet for 3 minutes so you can listen and dream undisturbed, or you feel an unstoppable urge to crank up the volume, sing loudly, or dance at the first note? "ABBA hallo! unplugged meets electronic" lets you dream and "dance" all evening long. Enjoy the first part of the concert with pure, "classic" piano, cello, and saxophone sounds on songs like Tina Turner's SIMPLY THE BEST or SOUND OF SILENCE, and marvel after the break at the live possibilities of electronic sound processing in the form of jazz flute beatboxing, looping, E-cello, and keyboard on songs like Supertramp's LOGICAL SONG, FELICITÁ, and of course a wonderful ABBA medley.

Katrin Banhierl: Cello
Dirko Juchem: Soprano & Alto Saxophone, Flute
Michael Gundlach: Piano & Accordion

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