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Already from 2004 to 2013, Rosenau, together with Theater Rampe, Theaterhaus, Literaturhaus, and Laboratorium, annually organized the "Viennese Week" festival. The idea was to focus on Vienna/Austria for a week and specifically invite cabaret artists, writers, authors, and theater productions from there to Stuttgart. The series "Wiener Blut" now picks up on this idea again. Throughout the year, various Austrian cabaret artists will present their programs at Rosenau: Social, political, and interpersonal topics are entertainingly brought to the stage in a cabaret style! And everything is a bit more biting, sinister, ironic, quirky, and often more poetic than from German territory.
The subscription consists of the following 6 events:
- 09.02.24 Benedikt Mitmannsgruber with "The strange case of Benedikt Mitmannsgruber"
- 04.04.24 Blonder Engel with "Songs that are funny and sometimes a bit sad, but that's okay"
- 19.04.24 Christine Teichmann with "Left right human rights"
- 11.09.24 Magda Leeb with "Pigging out"
- 04.10.24 Blözinger with "New Program"
- 23.10.24 Hosea Ratschiller with "HOSEA"

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