Tuesday, 7/23/2024

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We turn on the time machine and catapult you into ancient Rome. Our interactive experience exhibition has a lot to offer, and it is only complete with you in the starring role!


Immerse yourself in Roman times. Large lifelike images depict everyday scenes, and you can take on different poses and become part of them. March with the legionnaires, help build the frontier wall Limes, roll barrels onto a transport ship, warm yourself by the campfire, explore the goods at a market stall, or tame a tiger in the arena. These and many more adventure scenes are waiting for you. Get yourself photographed in these scenes to make the 3D effect stand out. What is a journey without souvenir pictures for the album or for Instagram & Co. ?!

In addition to the extraordinary photo fun, there are numerous hands-on stations and artifacts from Roman times. Playfully learn more about daily life in ancient Rome.


Credits: © MMM & Tricture by eli – a loose idea – GmbH


Tue – Sun 11 am – 6 pm, also on selected public holidays in Baden-Württemberg closed Mondays, 24.12.2023, 25.12.2023, and 31.12.2023, as well as on 1.1.2024

Event data provided by: Kulturkurier

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