Electronic duo TWO LANES blends acoustic piano recordings with analogue
synthesizers and minimal beat elements to create their signature sound. Made up of
Berlin-based brothers Leo and Rafa, the duo has found a loyal audience from all
over the world. On their latest release - the Reflections EP - they continue to expand
upon various genres, ranging from neoclassical, ambient and melodic techno.
Raised in a musical family, the two brothers took different musical paths growing up.
Leo showed an early interest in playing the piano, immersing himself in the works of
JS Bach, Schumann and Debussy. Eventually, he would go on to study at The
Juilliard School in New York City, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Historical
Rafael on the other hand was always fascinated by the possibilities of electronic
music. He spent endless hours experimenting with sound design and electronic
production. At some point the brothers realized that their talents complemented each
other perfectly, and TWO LANES was created.
It didn’t take long for their sound to catch on, as they quickly attracted radio support
from the likes of BBC1, Sirius XM, Triple J and amassed over 150 million plays
across all streaming platforms.
With their evocative and expansive sound, TWO LANES is positioned to be a fixture
in electronic music for years to come.


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