Freitag, 30.10.2020
um 20:00 Uhr

OPEAN 13 - The European Concert and Performance Festival
Performance: Irma Optimist (FIN) / Valentin Torrens (ESP), Konzert: Altavoz (FRA)

Opean ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe, die jeweils Performance und Konzert an einem Abend kombiniert. Die Reihe findet über das Jahr verteilt 5 mal statt. In der 13. Ausgabe werden die Performer Irma Optimist (FIN) und Valentin Torrens (ESP) und die Französische Band Altavoz den Abend gestalten.
Kuratiert wird die Reihe von Tobias Frank und Patrick Morarescu. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Club2 und dem Kulturreferat der Landeshaupstadt München.

20:00 Uhr Performances
IRMA OPTIMIST (FIN) During the beginning of the career of Mathematician Irma Optimist, she was famous for the ironic and parodying aspects of her performances. These were directed as criticism of the prevalent masculine concept of art. Many of the works were interactive and simultaneous, based on mathematical dynamics of chaos.

His concerns are the use and reward of the Medias. Perception as desire source and limit. The politics of perception and its liberation. Visual poetry in unconventional languages. Breaking and challenging performative resources. with changing strategies. Decoding the accommodations of art and culture. their connivance with the horror.

21:00 Uhr Konzert
ALTAVOZ (FRA) Psychedelic danse music
Altavoz creates a happy and psychedelic music, inspired by the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa, and the old time french bal atmosphere. An original mix of acoustic accordion with Farfisa electric organ, and a wacky circus style drum kit, with toys, bells and horns.



20:00 Uhr
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