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DULCE PONTES (Voice & Piano)
Dulce Pontes started her career as a mainstream pop artist, but over the years she has evolved to become a world music singer. She blends traditional fado with contemporary styles and searches out new forms of musical expression. She introduced musical traditions of the Iberian Peninsula in her work, rediscovered many long forgotten popular tunes and found use for obsolete musical instruments. Her work is inspired and influenced not only by Iberian musical tradition, but also Arabic, African, Brazilian and Bulgarian sounds. She sings mostly in her native Portuguese.

Dulce Pontes has collaborated with Cesária Évora, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Daniela Mercury, Carlos Núñez, the Chieftains, Kepa Junkera, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, George Dalaras, Andrea Bocelli, Joan Manuel Serrat, Wayne Shorter, Trilok Gurtu,

Christopher Tin for his albums Calling All Dawns (Grammy awarded) and The Drop That Contained the Sea among others.
Her song "Canção do Mar" appeared on the soundtrack of Hollywood film Primal Fear. And on the NBC police drama Southland.
Her album Focus (2003) is the fruit of a collaboration with Italian composer Ennio Morricone with whom she still tours and performs live as special guest. She sang in prestigious concert halls like Carnegie Hall in New York and the Royal Albert Hall in London, among many other places worldwide.

DANIEL CASARES (Flamenco Guitar)
Daniel Casares , was born with “duende” and this is demonstrated by his guitar, which sounds original, distinct, with a proper personality of its own, reflecting that inner fury, which unleashes powerfully on its strings.
The professional career of Daniel Casares is premature. With only 13 years old, he participates in the recording of the collective record, "A la Guitarra de Estepona".
At the age of 16, he is awarded for the first time for his talent, becoming the youngest guitarist, to date, to achieve the “Bordón Minero” Prize. In addition, it rises with the national prize of guitar of Jaén and this allows him to record its first Album "Duende Flamenco" that same year.
His musical intimacy is intimately linked to the Master Juanito Valderrama whom he accompanied in his last years; This is recorded on the album "Don Juan" recorded live at the Flamenco Festival of La Unión (Murcia).

Yelsy Heredia (Guantánamo - Cuba, 1978), is one of the most important Double Bass players in the current music scene. Habitual collaborator of front line musicians like Bebo & Chucho Valdés, Diego el Cigala, Salif Keita, Arcangel, Joshua Edelman or Donna Hightower.

With a classic background, from an early age he began to interested in contemporary music, investigating in Jazz, Latin Jazz and, above all, in the roots of his native Cuba. Since his arrival in Spain, being still very young, he poses his senses in his most genuine musical expression, Flamenco.

Yelsy says that Flamenco brings musicality, friendships and stability and he seems to want to return it to him by giving him those rural sounds, already in disuse, coming from his Eastern Cuba and he doest it from that same humility inherent in the social strata from which both musics come.

The Flamencos have made it their own and today his double bass is a reference in the Flamenco scene. This is witnessed daily by artists of the stature of Diego el Cigala, Dorantes, Paquete, Diego el Morao, Tomatito, Isidro Muñoz or Remedios Amaya.

Cubans, for their part, say it is the bass player with more projection because of his great knowledge of Cuban music and the personality of its execution.

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The Hooters - Live mit Band 2019
Als THE HOOTERS 1980 erstmals in der Musikszene von Philadelphia auftauchen, erobern sie mit rasanter Geschwindigkeit die East Coast. Ihre einzigartige Mischung aus Ska, Reggae und Rock n Roll machen ihren frischen und kraftvollen Sound so erfolgreich. 1983 veröffentlichen sie ihr erstes Independent-Album AMORE, das u. a. einen ihrer größten Hits »All You Zombies« enthält. Schon 1986 hat die Band vier Hit-Singles in der Tasche und sind fast ununterbrochen auf Tour. Ein Jahr zuvor noch recht unbekannt, teilt die Band nun die Bühnen mit Künstlern wie U2, The Police, Bryan Adams, Lou Reed und Peter Gabriel. 1987 bringen THE HOOTERS ONE WAY HOME raus, auf dem der berühmte Hit »Johnny B« zu finden ist.

Weitere Alben folgen, und im Jahre 2000 kommt ihnen die Ehre von Ricky Martin zuteil, der ihren Song »Private Emotion« covert. Nach zahlreichen Tourneen, die sie über viele Jahre absolvierten, beschließen THE HOOTERS, eine wohlverdiente Pause einzulegen und sich auf diverse Soloprojekte zu konzentrieren. Rob Hyman und Eric Bazilian stellten ihre Talente sowohl als Musiker als auch als Songschreiber anderen Künstlern zur Verfügung, darunter Taj Mahal, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson, Jon Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, Cyndi Lauper (»Time After Time« war für mehrere Grammys nominiert) und viele mehr.

Nun kitzelt es ihnen jedoch wieder in den Fingern, und THE HOOTERS wollen´s wieder live wissen.

SUPPORT: Hanne Kah

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Dermot Kennedy - Power over Me
There’s a sign on the house Dermot Kennedy has called home for 25 years. “Cois Coille,” it reads: Irish for “beside the forest,” a nod to the vast mountains and huge sprawl of trees not far from his front door. “Whenever I’ve been away, eventually I need to come back and reset,” admits the fast-rising star, who grew up here in Rathcoole, a village nestled between the wilderness of County Kildare and the frantic bustle of Dublin. It’s a contrast that also exists at the heart of his music: rustic, tender singer-songwriter laments full of scenic beauty, set to urban, electronic beats. “I really like that clash,” he explains of his acclaimed mix of intimate, guitar-led storytelling and hip-hop-inspired production. “Making those two worlds collide is really exciting to me.”

He’s not the only one who’s excited. Since the release of his stunning April 2017 EP, Doves and Ravens, and follow-up single ‘Moments Passed’, Kennedy has shot to over 300m plays on streaming platforms, been hailed as a “big, beautiful and bold” new voice by Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, won praise from everyone from TIME Magazine to Wonderland. He’s also supported Lana Del Rey and worked his way on the radar of rap super producer Mike Dean, best known for his work with Kanye West and Travis Scott, with whom he made his stunning 5 track mixtape. And the music keeps coming with the darkly anthemic "Power Over Me" due for release.

The 25-year-old describes his songs as struggles between two extremes: light and dark, love and loss, life and death, happiness and sorrow. “All my tracks sort of toggle between two themes, even within the same song: it can go back and forth from line to line,” he says. The deeply personal ‘Moments Passed’, for example, was dragged from the rubble of a time of simultaneous pain and blossoming romance for the young Irishman, who was both mourning the death of a friend and falling in love when he wrote it. “Sometimes it’s hard to pin a song down. More often it’s a battle between two opposites like that.”

Kennedy got his first guitar aged 11, and “got serious” aged six years later, before a chance encounter with another of his musical heroes gave him his first big break. Beloved Irish songwriter Glen Hansard had been walking through Dublin when Kennedy spotted him one day in the street, around the time of his first recordings. “I invited him to the studio,” Kennedy recalls. "He couldn´t make it, but he called back and offered me ten minutes onstage at his sold-out Christmas show.” The youngster performed his 2016 single ‘After Rain’ and the response was immediate: the track went on to rack up a staggering 47m million streams on Spotify. ‘Moments Passed’, now with a spectacular video directed by Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar collaborator Nabil has continued his success.

Dermot has spent the past year or so touring. From just playing small gigs at home and in Dublin, his fanbase has grown massively with Dermot playing live shows across the UK, Europe and America. "The tours have all been sold out and so there’s quite a lot of people all over the world who have connected in some way." he notes -" I remember I used to do gigs in Dublin where I knew every single person that was at it! Now there’s loads of people connecting, especially at home it’s kinda nice to know I’m connecting to people my own age In Ireland".

He has seen his past and present cross over. "I played a festival in Ireland called Electric Picnic. I remember me and my dad drove to it once when I was a kid and parked just outside the artists area just to see what was going on" he reminisces- " I thought how cool it would be to play the festival and hang out there and then I did it all this summer - it was surreal, one hundred percent". With over 100,000 tickets already sold this year and currently on his 42 date headline sold out World Tour, Dermot has already announced new dates for spring 2019 which includes the legendary Brixton Academy.

With highly acclaimed performances on the likes of NPR´s Tiny Desk series and Colours Berlin to his name, musically the 25-year-old is too focused on pushing his artistic boundaries on his upcoming debut album to pay attention to any hype. “Having spent a lot of time in the acoustic world, it felt really good to do something new and push myself out of my comfort zone on these recent tracks,” he says of his increasing electronic experimentation. “I’d be letting myself down if I didn’t chase that, if I just did what came easy to me.” His travels too have become an unexpected influence on his song writing. "Despite the fact that I grew up around nothing but fields and a forest, to me it seems like New York is the most exciting place to be. I think it would be such a good place to make music in terms of just the energy that’s here, just somewhere you can think and write stuff that actually is honest and exciting.

Just don’t expect him to abandon his roots entirely. "Considering the lineage we’ve got in Ireland in music and the songwriters we’ve had, I’m so glad to be part of that. I don’t want to go too far. The trick is to be able to strip a song of all its production and for it to still tell a good story that makes you feel something. Certain things run through all sorts of music that appeal to me, whether that’s a hip-hop artist or a singer-songwriter: honesty and a good story.” Dermot Kennedy’s story, you get the feeling, is just beginning.

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